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139821.txt3.9 SECONDS It had been a long week. For a college student in the education program, student teaching is the culmination of 4 long years of hard work. It's the final test of how much you have learned, and how well you can apply it. Jane knew that shewas doing well. She had worked hard at it, but it was something she really loved doing. She should have been tired after spending the week teaching 32 second graders, but the thought of the week-end had given her new energy. She had been married for exactly 30 days, and her new husband had told her that he had a surprise to "celebrate" the occasion. She was excited for the week-end to begin! She turned her car on to the highway that led to her house, at about 4:00 p.m. She had grown up in this area and the roads were very familiar to her. There was Lawsons TV Repair Shop on the corner, then the Smiths Apple Orchard on the left. About five miles down on the right was the Parkers house. Their barn had a big blackcat painted on the window that she used to look for as a kid. It was ALWAYS there...sitting in the window, like and old friend watching the cars pass by. Yes...she was definitely familiar with the area. The only thing out of place that day, was the blue sedan. She would find out later that the driver of the blue sedan was a 48 yr. old divorcee by the name of Linda Adams. Linda was a secretary who had been at an office party all afternoon, celebrating the retirement of her boss. No one had noticed how much champagne she'd had...or if they did, they didn't mention it. One thing for sure, no one tried to stop her as she climbed into her blue sedan that September afternoon in 1975. Back on the highway, Jane passed Lawsons TV Repair at about 4:10 p.m. She thought to herself that traffic wasn't too bad for a Friday afternoon. As she rounded the curve by Smith's Apple Orchard she sped up to 65 mph, then glanced over at the Parker's barn to get a glimpse of the old familiar cat in the window.Instead of seeing the cat, she saw a streak of blue rushing through the stop sign atthe corner by the barn. She instinctively slammed on her brakes!The sound of tires squealing drew the attention of everyone in the area. It was thenreplaced by the horrible sound of metal grinding against metal, as the two cars collided, twisting in to each other. The smell of burnt rubber permeated the air. Glass shattered, spewing shards of broken glass everywhere. Inside her car, Jane wasthrown against the door, breaking her collar bone and left arm. Her left ankle was crushed as it twisted into the floor. Her head hit the roof, giving her a concussionand then jerked her around sharply. Her neck was now broken. By the time the car stopped, she was unconscious. She awoke in the hospital, to see that she was inside what looked like a metal cage. The doctors told her right away what had happened, and that screws had been placed in her scull and attached to something they called a halo. As she struggledto stay awake, she heard the words paralysis, quadriplegic, maybe paraplegic, time. As she drifted in and out of consciousness, she learned the true meaning ofboth FEAR and PRAYER. In the end, her prayers were answered. She was lucky. She spent a year recovering, re-learning how to walk. It was a long and painful process, but she worked at it with absolute determination. Linda was not so luckyshe had died instantly. The Indiana State Police did a full investigation, and concluded that the accident was caused by alcohol. They concurred in their report, that given the speedof both vehicles and the length of tire marks left on the pavement, that the entire accident took about 3.9 seconds. So many lives were changed that day. A young wife was nearly paralyzed. Another woman lost her life. Both of their families were forever changedand it all happened in just 3.9 seconds!On a personal note: The next time that you decide to have a few drinks, or you see afriend get behind the wheel of a car after indulging in a few too many, take the time to count out 3.9 seconds. Just take a deep breath, and count out 3.9 seconds. Thats the time it could take for your life to be forever changed, or for you to impact the lives of someone you dont even know. Every thing you ever worked for, hoped for, or planned for, could be gonein 3.9 seconds.Page 1

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What can happen in 3.9 seconds?


2/15/2010 2:10 PM
You take wonderful images, you draw and paint, and now I see you write! You are a wonder, my friend!

9/10/2009 7:39 PM
that was beautiful...good luck in the contest..



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