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Jack with a Lollipop

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This is Jack with his first, and only, lollipop. Someone had left it on the table, and being so cat-like, he jumped up onto the table and helped himself. He had already torn off the wrapper by the time I caught him in the act of eating the sweet treat. I didn't have the heart to take it from him, To me, that would have been the same as taking candy from a baby.


1/24/2015 5:39 AM
He's ruined now. haha

3/9/2010 10:54 AM Premium
Awesome! We hope to see some more media from you!

12/19/2009 10:10 PM
OH MY!!!! What a CUTIE PIE :D!!! Yup...sounds like a cat to me, tee hee...he'd prob. get along REAL well w/ my 7 cats, Dog, and Bunny lol!!! :) He's ADORABLE :) It almost looked like he was eating Peanut Butter the way he kept licking!

9/14/2009 4:55 PM
Great video, cute dog - Famed!



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Date: 9/12/09
Photography: General