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141016.txtDECLARATIONAs We the People of the United States endeavor to sustain a natural order inwhich the human archetype shall certainly persevere, there may come a time when the citizenry must challenge those who would attempt to lift the Curse of Freedom from freedom-loving people; that time is upon us. To this end and for the sake of self-preservation, we will defend and honor these simple truths; that we are all born into a natural state of freedom; that each of us is endowed with the power of free will; that we are governed by a set of intrinsically sanctioned rights, and among these are the right to speak freely, without constraint, and to use force to defend ourselves against all usurpers of freedom, as the majority of us would rathershoulder the burden of responsibility for our own lives than be forced to forfeit individual liberty; the right to procreate and raise a family unbound by Government restrictions; the right to control our own destiny as we determine, such that we shall not be made slaves of the State or any controlling agency. Let this declaration signal the clarion call to action as We the People of the United States rise against any and all tyrannies of vassalage and reclaim the freedom that rightlybelongs to each of us, individually, one and all.+2009 Patrick PiersonPage 1

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DECLARATION represents my existential views regarding the Curse of Freedom in the context of today's turmoil over whether we - the citizens of the United States - will bow to the iron fist of tyranny or take a stand for personal sovereignty and fight back to preserve our liberty. It's a copyrighted document (2009 Patrick Pierson) and cannot be reprinted without the express permission of its author, me.


2/22/2010 4:26 PM
beautiful! a man after my own heart!

9/15/2009 8:18 AM
wonderfully written

9/15/2009 7:31 AM
Please, go to my blog at http://patrickpierson.bl ogspot.com/ and leave your comments.



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