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BOOK: "Minnow Island" CH. ONE: "Memories" By: Rebecca J Martin :D

CHAPTER ONE Memories Page ONE: The O'Toole's lived in a small town in the middle of Strange Ville called, Greela Villa. They had lived there since the beginning of time, or so it seemed to Andrea. Andrea had moved to Greela Villa at a very young age. Andrea and Dan, since marriage, seemed to of had deep devotion to one another. Andrea had birthed to Dan five beautiful Children, three girls and two boys. She had surrendered freedom for countless years to be the perfect wife. Shed put up with his late nights and drunken stupors. Shed even received his immature friends into their humble abode!!! Andreas Grandmother had never been too fond of Dan. From the moment they had met, shed had a peculiar feeling about him. She loved her Granddaughter and trusted her judgment, but she also knew Andrea would see the truth one day she just hoped it wouldnt be too late! Page TWO: Then it happened it was what Andrea alleged to be the worst instant of her existence. It was only a week after she had given birth to her twins. She was home, but she had to leave her babies behind in the prenatal unit of the Hospital. The Pediatrician had told her that once Luke and Jeanine reached their goal weight and had no complications, she could welcome them home. Andrea had never suffered Post Pardon Depression after the birth of any of her Children, but shed never had twins before either. She had already been on the edge of a nervous breakdown since the night of their birth, so it was no shock when shed lost her mind on that dreadful night. Dan had come in at his usual late hour in a drunken daze, stumbling over the kids toys and landing on his bum! Page THREE: If Andrea had thought back on it, she would have even laughed at the memory of the look on his face when she ran into the living room to make sure he was ok. He had this wide eyed dopey look on his face as he blurted out, Whawhawhere am I? Page FOUR: But, Andrea, being the sweet wife she was, leaned over and helped him to his feet, and walked with him to their room. When she had finished tucking him into bed, she decided she needed a night cap and headed to the kitchen. Page FIVE: While she was in the kitchen she heard a strange noise! She thought it could be Toby their family pooch, but when she walked into the dining room to let Toby in the front door, she saw him fast asleep on his comfy doggy cot. She started back toward the kitchen; before she had made it halfway she heard a loud thump on the door making her nearly jump out of her skin. Page SIX: Andrea made her way back to the front door, but with more caution this time. Toby lifted his tired head, and let out a soft moan before laying his head back down to resume his slumber. Andrea was almost a foot away from the front door when she was forced into another jump Page SEVEN: BAM, BAM, she nearly succeeded in jumping out of her skin this time. Andrea couldnt imagine who would be pounding on her door at this hour of the night. She couldnt help but worry that something was wrong with one of her neighbors. Page EIGHT: No sooner had she laid her hand on the door knob and had the bolt lock undone, the door came flying open causing Andrea to fall back with shock! To her dismay, Little Miss Gigorina Greela came pouncing in as if she owned her Grannys home. Andrea, still in shock, slowly picked herself up off the wooden floor and stood there wide eyed and, open mouthed. Page NINE: Mr. Dan! came the angry screeching from Miss Gigorinas jaws, Mr. DAN! she yell again clenching her fist tightly. Andrea stood up against the wall for support not knowing how she would react. She had question Miss Gigorinas intentions before, but shed never seen real proof! Page TEN: ******* Page ELEVEN: Page THIRTEEN: Page SIXTEEN: Page SEVENTEEN: Page NINETEEN: Page TWENTY: Page TWENTY-ONE (Present Day): ****** Andrea just stood there leaning up against that icy, rigid wall memories flooding wildly through her mind. All those recollections pointed straight toward this very moment where she rested. She had subconsciously known, yet she had blocked it out for so many years. Now it all came plummeting down upon her. There was a reason this demented woman had come beating on her door. Deep in Andreas gut, she KNEW the reason, but she didnt look forward to facing it at this very instant. God knows shed already gone through enough anxiety and stress with the recent birth of her twins! Page TWENTY-TWO: Still stunned by her surroundings, Andreas head began to pound due to the recent attack by the floor moments earlier. As she held one hand to her forehead, she used the other to steady herself, and regretfully face the drama that bestow her! No sooner had she heard the ranting Gigorina, then out of the corner of her eye she saw what appeared to be her stumbling drunken husband! GIRGORINA! came his slurred voice, I thought I told you to WAIT in the truck. Andrea just stood there with a blank look on her face. Well, my DEAR DAN, Yelped Gigorina, That would have been fine IF you hadnt of apparently passed out in your wifes BED! Page TWENTY-THREE: Andrea kept starring, staring into space so steadily that she didnt noticed another body enter the room. Mommy? Came the voice of a small child. Andreas attention suddenly shifted onto the new voice she was hearing. Oh my darling Paige! She cried out. Oh, my Baby I am so sorry you woke up to this. Andrea then took her young daughter into her arms and walked her to the kitchen to get her out of the reign of fire. Page TWENTY -FOUR: Meanwhile, Granny Aliah had crept into the Living room to see what all the commotion was. Andrea caught the strong look of disapproval on her face as she walked past her. She could only picture what was coming next. Granny walked straight into what looked like a verbal boxing match and grabbed Dans arm with one hand and Gigorinas with the other. As she finished pulling them straight in front of her she pointed her finger at them, FOR SHAME! She started, you should BOTH be ashamed of yourselves, drunk or NOT! Andreas jaw fell open in astonishment. Page TWENTY-FIVE: She wasnt surprised at Grannys reaction, yet she had never seen Granny go at Dan like this before. Bringing this to my home? Its completely disrespectful not only of me but, of your wife and Children! Granny barely took a breath between sentences. Now, you listen here MISTER!, She snarled in a deeper voice, slamming her fist on the table next to her, Dont LET me catch the two of you in this house together again! Now, Dan I think its only appropriate that you go to your room, pack a bag and get the HELL OUT of my home before I call Andreas Uncle Dave! Page TWENTY-SIX: And, with that they were gone. Dan had made an obvious choice! Her Husband had left her for the town hussy. Their Father had left for someone other than their Mother. Granny new now it had happened too late! Life would surely be different. Not only would her Children need a lot of love and support to get them through this time, but Andrea would need someone to look after her. They knew this would be a new beginning for the whole family. (CHAPTER TWO: New Beginnings will be out soon Please, this is my first Sims Story to write, so whether you like it so far or not feel free to comment on it !!! I will also be transferring this Sims 2 story into a Sims 3 story meaning I will be replacing the pictures in THIS chapter with pictures from my Sims 3 Family pictures which I have made JUST for this story !!!) Unfortunately, Andrea had known this wild Woman for a vast majority of her existence. They had attended High School together at Old Granite Bay High just twenty something years prior. Gigorina was well known in many different ways. She was quite popular, that girl was but not quite the way a girl would want to be known! Gigorina came from a very well-to-do family of Greelas. Her Father, Mr. George Greela the third, owned a large quantity of the town, including the house that Andreas Grandmother lived in at the time. Andrea had moved to the small town of Greela Villa after the passing of her Parents, just a few months before she started going to Granite High and meeting Gigorina. Gigorina was also a cheerleader and clearly popular. Her Father basically helped her with everything that she wanted to do or be, spoiling her indefinitely. He had proudly donated Greela Science Hall the Summer prior to Gigorina beginning High School. This was his way of bribing the Principal into holding her a spot as the squad leader on the Cheer Team. Not many girls were fond of Gigorina, but due to her threats of trashing their names all over town, they started to follow her everywhere. Andrea dealt with Gigorinas jealous ways as well as she could until Graduation. She would never forget Graduation Day. Her Granny Aliah had been so proud of her! Even though Mr. Greela had threatened the school over and over again, She had placed as Valedictorian early on in her senior year. Oh, sure, Gigorina tried, along with her father, to steal this title from Andrea with no avail. Gigorina had proven time and time again to be utterly jealous of her. Page TWELVE: Andrea was not rich, but she had something most girls in Gigorinas position would have loved. Andrea had freedom. She didnt have the kind of freedom that most teens dreamed of, where they could go anywhere anytime of the day or night. No! Andrea had freedom from feeling hatred! She had hurt so much over her parents accident that she had learned to use her love even more than she had before. She loved her Granny for taking her in to her home, without reimbursement, teaching her about the world and her past. She loved nature and all it involved. She even loved unworthy People, but most of all she loved LIFE!!! Andrea and Dan met when she attended St. Davis College, just 150 miles south of Strange Ville. She had justly won a scholarship to St. Davis after entering a photography contest in her Junior Year of High School. Eventually shed received head position of the college paper, earning her many awards and recommendations for her accomplishments. Andrea met Dan in her second year of College. They fell in love almost immediately. Shed brought her new beloved home to meet her Granny, a month before graduation, to announce their engagement. Page FOURTEEN: Granny was very happy for Andrea, but something about Dan made her feel troubled. Granny didnt want to worry Andrea; she kept it to herself. She wanted Andrea to be happy so, she showed Andrea her apparent approval by throwing an extravagant engagement party, emptying her yearly savings account. Page FIFTEEN: After their grand ol wedding, Andrea and Dan had planned an extravagant honeymoon on Mt. Simserelldah. The Camp Site they headed towards was one that Andrea had only dreamed of stepping foot on. With only a tent and a few belongings, they spent a beautiful weekend in paradise. This was the most stunning part of Andreas life shed thought she would never forget. When the honeymoon ended, they moved in with Granny Aliah. They had talked about buying their own home, soon as Dans business took off. Sadly, it never left the ground. Thankfully he was offered a job by old man Joe, who owned a tire shop downtown. While Dan went to work every day, Andrea stayed home doing what Moms do bestIt would be really great to say that Andrea and Dan had 5 kids and lived happily ever after, but that wouldnt be realism! The OTooles had been living in their Grannys home for almost 5 years when on one of her daily trips to the mail box Andrea received quite an unexpected envelope. Mixed in with a bunch of bills and advertisements was a bright pink envelope. It appeared to be a card. She knew it was no ones birthday, nor was it close to a holiday. She turned the envelope over to view the front side. It was labeled in fancy calligraphy print, The OTooles. She proceeded to open it, trying to hold back the excitement of the mysterious card which she was anxious to read! No sooner had it peeked then it shrunk straight back down below where disappointment would normally begin when she saw the name Miss Gigorina Greela printed in bright purple letters. Apparently little Miss hoopty doop was throwing a mid-summer party. Why she had invited her and her husband she did not know, nor did she want to know! Oh, the dread that had built up inside her as she realized that shed have to inform Dan of this invitation; if she didnt hed find out eventually through the little rat fink! Andrea had hoped that she hadnt underdressed for this affair, but the invitation had said, Come casual and bring swimming attire. As they walked toward the entrance to the back of the Greela Mansion, she was totally amazed at how colossal the mansion was. She didnt quite remembered it being so big since that crazy slumber party she had gone to in the beginning of High School way before she truly knew who Gigorina was as a person. Page EIGHTEEN Good afternoon, Dan and Andrea greeted the butler with open arms before he opened the gate to let them into the pool area. It looked as if the party had just begun. Andrea was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable. In all her life, she had never really felt so self conscious. She was actually worried about how shed look in her swim suit next to all the stunning woman Gigorina had invited to her party. Andrea and Dan had been among the first few guest to arrive. About three hours into the party, the place was beginning to become packed. People were dancing, swimming, eating and just basically doing whatever they desired! Andrea was beginning to feel too hot after being in the sun for so long. She hadnt really known anyone at the party, so she had looked for the most shaded spot around before sitting down. She dared not leave her man unattended too long for fear little Miss Gigorina would snatch him into her jealous grasp. Drenched with sweat, she concluded to herself that even the shade couldnt keep the heat out. Andrea had to try the water out in hopes of cooling down. She felt the cold water would also do some good for that nagging headache which had settled in that one spot. It was all she could do to get up and drag herself over to the guest pool dressing rooms. When she had made it inside, and closed the door, she rested her body against the wall to keep herself from falling over with heat exhaustion. She could feel cool air coming from the vent above her, which was quite refreshing. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, she heard the loudest and most annoying shriek of laughter break out through the evening air. Oh! That voice sounded so familiar! It made her want to cringe inside. Andrea couldnt help herself, she had to see what was so amusing to little Miss Piggy that shed had to burst everyones eardrums through her laughter. She had made it to the window and barely slipped her fingers through the blinds to open them, just enough so that she could peek outside. What she saw next made her heart plunge into her stomach. For right there, not even ten feet from the window, was Gigorina clutching Dan as if she were holding on for dear life. Now, if that was an, Im happy to see you hug, shed hate to see a dont leave hug. This mark was the beginning to a whole lot of disturbance and heartache for Andrea and her Family

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Well...I wasn't going to add my 'Book' in the works until I had a few chapters written...but, that's obviously taking TO long, LOL...Anyway...as many of my 'fans' on here know...just from what I've written to them in our messages back and forth, I am a MAJOR SIMSOHOLIC!!!!! If I'm NOT Cooking, Cleaning, Writing, Shooting (Photos lol), Raising or BEATING my kiddos (lol NOT!!!), or whatever else it is that BORED lonely Mommies do...THEN you'll probably find me SIMSING!!!:)
Ok..welpsies...I began this Sims Story (or book...depending on how far I get w/ it lol) about 3 or 4 months (or longer) ago. I had the idea for the story hidden (or LOST) in the back of my mind (you know...WAY back there tangled w/ the cob webs...ROFLMAO!!!)...It's basically about a Single (newly divorced) Mother raising her 5..or was it 6?...Children, with the help of her Granny, and Cat n' Dog...She was about to enter a NEW life of crazy memories...and decisions, through a great and wonderful adventure due to a 2 Month (or 3...or maybe it was only 1 LMAO...shoot...don't count on MY Memory LMAO!!!) Vacation her teen daughter had willfully won for her and the whole family!!!!

NOW....THIS is ALL you get to know about this story/book...other than the fact that I MIGHT be getting some help w/ the 2nd and 3rd chapters of this...I've asked my SWEEEET oldest Niece and her Mommy (my big Sis..) if they would like to be part of the writing process of the next few chapters...or we might all just take turns from chapter to chapter...this is going to be REAL interesting!!!! :D So....if yas wants to know MORE about my crazy lil' story/book here..then ya GOTTA read it!!! Oh...YES, this is VERY similar to a 'Picture Book'...well...actually it IS a picture book lol!!! It was written w/ THAT in mind...so, hopefully you'll enjoy the visual part of the story :D!!!!

ENJOY.... :D and


9/16/2009 8:07 PM
Very good so far. Tell me when you've emailed me the first of the 2nd chapter ok. :)



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