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Part of His Plan (ELC - Stormi Peterson)

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I know this song isn't great... well the song is, but the vocals aren't the best. I need more time to make my vocals the best, but I have little time to record myself most of the time, so yea... it is slowy progressing and getting better... maybe soon, it will be good enough to actually be considered a "singing" voice. :P I don't know if this song is finished yet, but I do believe I am confident in the lyrics I made. :)

Verse 1:
She believes she was the accident of it all!
God messed up when He created her overall!

But let me say time and time again,
You’re made to be a child of the King.
There was no mistake in His plan.
He has a song wrote for you to sing.

You’re all a part of God’s great plan.
He just wants you to see
That if you place your life into His hands,
You’ll truly be set free.

Verse 2:
Trouble comes as she is faced with a tragedy.
No one cares ‘cause she was never suppose to be.

For He knows your heart and He knows where you’re weak
And He knew before He even made you.
So He knows how to cure all the pain in your heart
And His love can save you from your blue!

About the song:
People are often led to believe a lie that they were accidentally created, meaning they have no meaning in life. This song is a song I wrote for a character of my created comic known as The Extraordinary League of Christianity. Her name is Stormi Jane Peterson, or Hurricane Jane. As the first verse sings, Stormi is the daughter of a rapist and a rape victim (and she is the result of that rape). From a horrible tragedy, she is born into this world. As she grows older, she realizes where she truly came from and begins to believe she is an accident; that she isn’t meant to be alive. As the second verse sings, this tragedy she faces causes her to gain powers to control strong winds and lightning and things (which is where her villain name, Hurricane Jane, comes from). She is caught up in a magnet powered hurricane. She feels that even if she died, that would be the way it was suppose to be, but she survives. But in the intro, I tell her the reason she is meant to be alive. She is made to be a child of God, as we all are. What she is truly seeking (though she does not know it yet) is the love of Jesus Christ, which is what the Chorus says. All she needs is someone to tell her and show her the way. The bridge adds on to the reason she is alive. God knows everybody’s hearts and He knew where we would struggle even before He created us in the end, so He knows how to cure us from our pain and save you from the blue… or sorrows. This song is written for Stormi, but is actually for anyone out there who may think they have no meaning in life.




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Date: 9/16/09
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