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Fluid Core 02

Fluid, Core, 02

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This is a large scene created using 3D Studio Max. I have posted several images of weapon systems within the scene separately. I did not want their detail to be lost in the vastness of the full rendering. I focused on working with fluid manipulation and wanted to also have other aspects unrelated. I used Path Deform (WSM) along with Noise and Mesh Smooth modifiers to achieve the fluid effects. I created a massive water tendril emerging from a spray. I used a Ring-wave Extended Primitive accompanied by a spherical atmospheric gizmo to give that effect. Material types like Architecture were mostly used to give the metal a nice metallic shine. For the lasers I used Target Spot light with Volume Fog, color attenuation, Glow and Ring effects.


9/22/2009 10:15 PM



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Date: 9/18/09
Art: Graphic Design