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My X Hubby Scott...he's trying to get into modeling, I did NOT take this photo!

Scott, Modeling, Jewelry, Hand Model

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I am only putting this photo of my X on here to help him acquire acting/modeling opportunities :)...He's worked hard all his life, and I feel he deserves to have a break, and be able to do what it is he's always dreamed of...which would be working in the art of modeling and/or acting :)!!! He's a wonderful person, has a great personality, he's funny in a quirky sort of way, LoL..and he LOVES his children, and would do anything for them!!!


9/26/2009 9:54 PM
Thanx Janese...that was very sweet of you to wish him well...I will relay the message to him :)!! Can you believe how many 'Shames' this photo has?? I don't understand some peeps :(...so sad, he's a gorgious man...

9/23/2009 8:48 PM
I hope that Scott finds the path to his dreams! Good Luck!



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Date: 9/23/09
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