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My American Flag


142755.txt My American Flag by Debbie J. BrashearsThey say your colors never runAnd you're the symbol of an army of oneA symbol so bold and so very strongSurely they cannot ALL be wrong. When in the face of the enemy at handYou're feared much when you're forced to standHigh above the heads and hillsThe enemy shutters and is covered in chills. They hide in their cubbies so tucked awayBecause they know today is the dayThe day they battle the one so braveThe one that stands for: Protect and Save. Cowardly they sit, indeed my friendBut remember, you're the last to stand in the end.You protected those that fell before.You will protect then, now, and forever more. You are MY AMERICAN FLAG!!Page 1

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American flag


3/12/2010 6:22 PM Premium
This is great! Link your friends and fans to this page to get more Fame votes!



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Date: 9/25/09
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