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Tortured Soul

142756.txtTortured Soul As these walls close inI am reminded of all my sin.This one and that one so close together.It seems the memory lasts forever.As I take one more drinkI can't help but stop to think.One more sin has not been forgiven.Oh, how can I keep on living?! The thoughts run through me like thin wine..Oh how good it feels - like Heaven divine!The end is creeping up so nearAs I hold this glass tighter - I do not fear.As I look to the Heavens aboveI beg for his mercy and everlasting love.As I fall straight to my kneesI cry and beg, God Almighty PLEASE! Save my soul from the pitiless sandThat falls in the hour glass you hold in your hand.Spare me my lashes and correct me.Open my eyes and let me see.My sorrow and sin I have caused onto others.Like that of my sisters and brothers.Help me change that which I did wrongSo my life could be prolongedPlease dear God, Father in Heaven!I beg to you on this hour of seven.Teach me right from wrong.Make me see that I do belong!Page 1

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About a person struggling with the use of Alcohol.


12/24/2009 10:55 AM Premium
Awesome Stuff! I look forward to seeing some more of your work.



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Date: 9/25/09
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