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The Light

142757.txtThe Lightby Debbie J. BrashearsAugust 23, 2009I never did believe before.Heaven was here from shore to shore.Until the day my soul had sailedfrom my vessel that had failed.To a box that I did see.Not sure what was waiting for me.Out from the dark arose such a light.Deep from afar and oh, so bright.Questioning it as anyone would do.Only to find that it is true!I have seen Heaven in all its might.Gates so golden and floors so white.Air so clean and goes for milesAnd everyone had wore a smile.If only they didn't see me coming.I would have kept right on humming.But they stopped me in my tracksAnd told me that I had to go back.Said it wasn't time just yet.Afraid I would have ruled, I bet.So here I am writing todayTo tell you of the best highway.Heaven is true, indeed my friend.I hope to see you in the end.The time will come when God returnsAnd flames of Hell will start to burnAll the sinners that forgottenTo ask forgiveness and are rotten.It's not too late to save you, too.And feel a love so deep and true.Provider of all your every need.Believe the Bible when you start to read.Page 1

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A religious poem


12/29/2009 6:23 PM Premium
Nice work! Be sure to upload some more content.



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