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Calm waters till the storm

142879.txtCalm waters till the stormI feel calm..I know what's going on..The storm is coming soon~It starts so slow,I hardly feel it..but the rush is here so soon...Up & down my emotions go~Where I will stop, I do not know..My mind is jumbled like the balls in the Bingo cage,all scrambled just like eggs..I can not think,I can not cry..I want to I wonder why?Then things go down again my calmness returns,coming back like an old friend...I relax & feel right at home...Like the waters before the storm~Page 1

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A poem on Anxiety


3/26/2010 5:42 PM
How beautiful! I really can relate to this. Just a sweet and simple piece that speaks volumes!

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Date: 9/25/09
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