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PiP Prowls the Night!!!

PiP, Cat, Kitten, Kitty, Night

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After accidently deleting all the pix I took on my new camera, earlier in the day, I decided to take as many kewl shots I could get before my neighbors began to wonder if it was lightning outdoors (LMAO)! I also was able to really see what my cats do at night...other than clawing their way up my screen door to get back inside, or jumping on the roof to climb through the only window w/ out a screen LMAO!!!
So, this is PiP...my lil' cry baby cat!!! :) After being as skiddish as a lil' ol' mouse trying to scurry back into it's hole in a wall before it's to late, he finally started to get more used to the NIGHT...here he is doing a bit of his OWN prowling the night away!!! :D


9/27/2009 10:47 AM
He looks like a cat with a mission! lol! Good job...enjoy that new camera!

9/27/2009 7:17 AM
Pretty kitty



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Date: 9/26/09
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