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PiP Prowling the Night Away ON the ROOF!!! LoL

PiP, Cat, Kitten, Kitty, Roof

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Pip, as well as most of my cats, has a thing for climbing on either my padio fence, or a tree (whatever tree reaches), and plopping down on the roof on all 4s, such as just about all cats can do...when they land :)!!! Some mornings, when I am either walkn' my son to the car to drive him to school...or I'm maybe just on a quick stroll w/ my pup...I look up on our two story condo...and I can see Pip...or maybe his Mama cat, or Auntie...or maybe one of his cousins...or siblings...scaling the roof..from ONE end to another :D!!!
So...needless to say, this is PiP...late at night, scaling the roof for only he knows what!!! :)




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Date: 9/27/09
Photography: General