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Till the sun comes back

143122.txtLonely DaysEach days I wonder what will become of me..I am so lonely I cry..For I know I'm loved & cared about ,but on the inside I want to die.I try to smile & laugh out loud,but I'm crushed ,feeling so alone.The days are lone & ugly..as I feel about myself.Some day I know this feeling will subside..till that time,I will cry.Today I hope will be that day,to be understood,but atleast I have friends who can be there to support me.To make me feel like smiling one day more.The days will soon become sunny,I look forward to that time..remember the depressionwill lift..I won't always cry or feel so lonely,the sun will shine once more..With it my smile will shine thru...Page 1

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The power of depression can cause alot of problems..but you can over come it & smile & feel better once again~


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Date: 9/27/09
Other: Writing