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"The Journey Begins"

Red, beetle, Lady bug, adventure, nature

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Little Red left home, looking for adventure. She promised herself that she would learn new things, test her own abilities, and discover what the world had to offer! ...and so the journey begins!


3/26/2010 8:18 PM
Thanks for commnenting on my ladie bugs! they have captured a big place in my heart! I'm considering writing a preschool book about their adventures!

3/26/2010 5:52 PM
These little ladybug images are great!

10/2/2009 12:26 AM
...hands on...and I would pretend I was a mechanic!!! Weird...huh? I like DRIVING...but do NOT get into FIXING them!!!! LMAO..I know, I'm a strange one

10/2/2009 12:25 AM
OH...wow...Janese...you sound like ME when I was a kid!!!! Tee hee...U know what else I used to do as a kid? This is going to 'sound' strange lol...I used to lay under our lamp tables, with a skrew driver, or whatever tools I could get my

10/2/2009 12:24 AM
Well...that's GREAT Then...glad to hear yer atleast thinking about it :D!!! NOW DO IT!!! Tee hee...j/k :)!!! Seriously though...I heard somewhere that a lady bug's spots determine their age!!! One spot, supposedly means ONE year..so on..

9/27/2009 12:11 PM
Part 1 of a 5-part photo "story"! My grandsons love the little stories that I make up for them to describe my bug photos! I started writing bug stories when I was a kid...making up personalities for all of the bugs that I would find!



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Date: 9/27/09
Photography: Nature