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"Little Red's Discovery"

Red, beetle, lady bug, nature

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Little Red was having a wonderful adventure! The world was so different then she had imagined! Around every corner seemed to be something new for her to examine! She wanted to learn everything she could...who knows, maybe even write a book about her adventure someday!


3/6/2010 4:31 PM Premium
I just came across your media. Awesome Work! Have you considered bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame?

10/2/2009 12:19 AM
you for that!!! :) Grandma reading her OWN bedtime story!!!! WOO HOO...GO JANESE!!! Seriously though...you HAVE the talent...so why not??!!! :)

10/2/2009 12:18 AM
Now...I LOVE this one!!! why don't you write a children's book about bugs?? Use all your 'Bug' and flower photos...you could even photo shop bugs into your flower photos!!! You write so well...why NOT!!! :D I bet yer grandson would LOVE



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Votes: 19
Views: 1,428
Date: 9/27/09
Photography: Nature