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Call me crazy, but I have 7 cats, 1 pup, and 1 bunny :D!!! My 4 kiddos and I live in a ZOOOOO!!!! ROF!!! Not really, but, we DO love our pets...they are ALL our little angels! Each and every one of m' have their OWN Unique personality, which MAKES them their OWN lil' individual! I never seem to have a problem w/ my children helping to care for any of them! When it's time for Din-Din...or take the pup out for a leak...shoot, they pretty much take advantage of the opportunity!!! The MORE one on one time they have w/ our pets, the BETTER :).
When I got lucky enough to buy my new digital camera/video recorder, I got BUSY!!! When I finally decided to put some of our videos together (My 17 yr. old filmed her bunny, as well as one of the videos of our pup playing w/ our neighbors pup :)!!!), I had to decide on a good song to put WITH it...well, the FIRST song that came to my mind, was the one I decided on RIGHT away!!!! Friends of course!!! I LOVE that song :D!!! It goes SOOOOO perfect w/ our pet video too :)!!!
Anyway, I hope that all of my friends (and peeps I don't know) on Taltopia, and You Tube enjoy our little video here :)!!!!


12/30/2009 7:58 AM
hey! the vid was so cute!!!!!!!! I loved it. great job and good song choice... it fit with the song just great!

10/26/2009 2:26 AM
OMG...I just happened to swing by to see what type of a vote I had on this video...had NO idea how many of my BESTEST friends on here came by and commented!!! You all are so SWEEEET and ADORABLE...and well...just GOOOOD FRIENDS! Thanx :)

10/2/2009 9:47 AM Premium
So Cute! Love how they all get along. Famed~

10/2/2009 9:26 AM Premium
Great job, very cute... f/f

10/1/2009 9:35 PM
If they want to make a movie of it, I'm available to play myself !!! lol! Great job!

10/1/2009 9:32 PM
How cute! She said good-bye to little ole me! lol! I'm feeling might important right about now! Woo-Hoo! Great video, of course! I'm fanning and faving it!!! Well done!

10/1/2009 6:09 PM
...are the BEST of friends now...they roll around all OVER the house day in, and day OUT...driving me NUTZOS at times lmao!!! Thanx again..you all are TOO TOO TOO sweet :)!!! Love ya'll!!!

10/1/2009 6:09 PM
Awww...thanx ya'll :) (can ya 'hear' my Texan accent there?!! LOL)...you guys and gals totally MADE my DAY!!! I'll let Maxie, Lady Bug, Griffen, Electra, and Muffins know you all LOVED them!!! OH..btw..Maxie and the gold n' white cat...

10/1/2009 2:03 PM
Rebecca, you did a great job putting that together. I loved the cat and the pom playing together. Watching that video would brighten anyone's day :)

10/1/2009 12:50 PM
Great job, Rebecca

Love it!!!!



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Votes: 15
Views: 2,110
Date: 9/30/09
Art: Filmmaking