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Victor and His Toy!!! Colorful Frame Style

Victor, Fiance', Motorcycle, Dirt Bike, Bike

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Well, here he is!!! My GORGIOUS Guy, and his toy!!! I SWEAR, he's like a freakn' kid in a candy shop, when it comes to him and his bike or his rifles, tee hee!!! I remember WAY back, when we first met (before his bikes)...he borrowed one of his cousin's bikes...swung by to pick me up, and like ANY guy...tried to show off. What did he do, you ask?! Well...first, he did a huge willie (with ME on the back...yeah I typed that right!!!)...then he showed me JUST how fast it could go!!! LMAO...needless to say...I was shakn' like a friggn' leaf when we got to our destination...but, I'd be LIEING if I didn't say I actually had a thrilln' time :)!!!! (Gosh...I MISS those days :(....)


10/8/2009 10:09 AM
They never really do grow up, do they!! :)

10/3/2009 9:09 AM
haha Boys and their toys for sure : )

10/2/2009 10:20 PM
LMAO...isn't THAT the truth!!! Tee Hee!!! :D

10/2/2009 8:21 PM
It scares me just thinking about it! lol! I'm wayyyy past the age to enjoy that, but I remember a time when I would have been right there with you! Then, we become "sensible moms", and think of all we have to lose!



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Date: 10/2/09
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