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I Promise (TDB - clean)

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This is a song I wrote for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers. The Doovie Brothers are a cartoon band I created in my cartoon world. :P Though I say that Phil sings lead and Doov sings BGV's, it's all me doing "voice acting..." if that's what you would call it. :) I have many pictures of them on this site... but here's their myspace as well... www.myspace.com/thedooviebros

This song is just a random song I wrote about someone who had a fight with their loved one... either a fight, or just said some things that didn't sound good to each other. Anyway, this is that person asking for forgiveness. :) This is not a Christian song, but I'm sure I could make it into one... :) Anyway, this has sort of a Punky Rock type feel in it. I love it!

I don't mean "clean" as in clear of the cuss words in the song... because this song doesn't originally have cuss words in it... because I don't cuss... people use cuss words to spice up their music... it just ruins the song though... What I mean by "clean" is clear of most of the farts in the song. A lot of The Doovie Brothers' song have farts in them... because of one of the singers who was created as a silly stupid individual... but there's one BIG one at the beginning, but I took it out. :) And yes, I'm easily amused. :P

I promise, it's no lie.
Cross my heart, hope to die.
Forgive me, make me new.
Please trust me, I love you.

Verse 1:
I'm sorry for the things I've said to make you cry.
I didn't mean what I meant to say, it won't happen again.

Verse 2:
I'm sorry for the things I've done to make you mad.
I didn't mean what I meant to say, it won't happen again.

Keep in mind I'm not perfect,
We both might make the same mistakes again.
When we do, please remember
Forgiveness is the key.


10/3/2009 11:38 AM
I like it.



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Date: 10/3/09
Music: Punk Rock