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An Indoor RAINBOW??!! ROF!!

Rainbow, Reflections, CD Rainbow, Indoor

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I'm sure you've all seen one, I'm sure you've all stared at one in awe...and maybe even wondered if there really WAS a Lepracaun wandering around somewhere nearby, or a pot of gold at the END of one...a RAINBOW!!! :D BUT, how many have seen one sneak inside your HOME?!!! LoL...Ok...of course we all know it's only a reflection off of a CD hee hee :)...but, what IF???!!! If we ever DID see part of a REAL rainbow in our house...does that mean it's the END of the rainbow? Or is it the BEGINNING of one?!!! :D




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Votes: 8
Views: 1,183
Date: 10/3/09
Photography: General