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Farewell Yahoo 360, it was great while it lasted. Jul 13, '09


144621.txt Farewell Yahoo 360, it was great while it lasted. Jul 13, '09 3:22 AMfor everyone I would like to thank my friend Tomfor this beautiful picture of a flower that bloomed in his garden, TY, muah.The final hours have come at last,to the end of Yahoo 360.I said I would stay until the final hoursSo, here is my last ever blog on my 360 pageI did not realize the power of my wordsuntil I started to post blogs on 360Sharing everything I saw and feltAll the feelings I had in my heart, went into poemsHow I lived and saw lifewas reflected in every wordThe pain, the laughter, the tears, the joythe smiles and the lives of othersmost of allAll the friends I made hereThis past year has been a journey for meSharing the joys, pain, laughterandhopes of othersThank you to everyonefor all your comments about my poetrythrough your inputI have learned I can write about many different thingsSpreading my wingsas my poems take flightAs I write my last words hereI can not help but shed tearsKnowing my words will neverbe on Yahoo 360 again......S.D.K., 7-12-09Page 1

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This is my final post on my Yahoo 360 page


3/1/2010 7:18 PM Premium
We appreciate you uploading this to Taltopia. We hope to see some more media from you!



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Date: 10/4/09
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