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I did not forget you


I did not forget I did not forget you, Never think that I did. I remember when you held me close, I declare that I recall. I fall into a reverie, From time to time I regress. To these times of quiet ecstasy, Surely, you had to have guessed. I think of you often, How your soft dewy face loomed. Your being overly precipitous my dear, For without you, I would be bereft. A solitary tear could be shed, If your lovely character had not been there. Think not that I care less for you presently, For the above would be a lie. To simply state my darling, Your vision I cant deny. I lay your memories in rest, Until I can fathom the details in full. So until then, adieu my sweet lover, Slumber peacefully in bliss. For my jewel I never forgot you, For your memory I never dismiss.

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Love is the easiest thing to write about, but the hardest to follow through with.


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Date: 10/4/09
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