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2Chapter 1 What happens when you play with evil things? Youre really pissing me off! screamed the yellow haired woman with the perfect face. Youre pissing off the people that live here. Why cant you just go somewhere else? asked the boy as he started to feel her out. Feeling her out was important. He was like a computer, he could bounce the energy off the spirit and it would bounce back to him. Once that happened he could use her own energy against her, like a virus. The boy enjoyed thinking of himself that way because it made him feel like people really needed him, like people need computers. He just hated the fact that they all gave themselves faces. Why did they have to look human? The spirit looked at him and stuck its tongue out. This spirit was an easy demon. She used be an angel but she wasnt that strong. Im stronger than you think I am the demon stated smirking as she read his mind, And Im beautiful too. I cant help it. Thats why I left you know the demon continued as she threw herself in a chair and slung her legs over the right arm of the chair, God was jealous of how lovely I was and dont get me started on that fucking Gabriel. Always wanting to be among the people. Made me want to puke on myself. Of course, for you Nathaniel, I would make an exception. Youre pretty cute. For a stupid fucking mammal. I appreciate that the boy replied as he walked over and sat on the side of the bed facing her. I happen to think youre very pretty- for a nasty fucking demon: The demon jumped up and clapped her hands laughing, Oh! Youre fabulous! I love you, I really do! Its so sad that Im going to have to kill you. 3The boy smiled faintly as he concentrated on pushing the spirit. He did so gently so as not to alert her to what he was doing. He pushed her into the glass bottle he brought in with him. He pushed her inside of the glass. What the fuck do you think youre doing boy! the demon screeched in an inhuman voice as her energy started to be sucked into the glass bottle. The boy ignored the spirit as he continued to push energy into the small glass bottle. Youre a stupid little boy, screamed the demon from inside the bottle, Youre just going to die in a few decades anyway and Ill live forever no matter what you do! the spirit cackled amused. The boy smiled sadly as he walked over to the bottle, picked it up and closed the top. He wiped his sweating face with his shirt as he walked down the stairs to the family that was waiting him downstairs. Demonique A Novel By Dana Kellison

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This is the beginning of my novel called "Demonique". The point is this : what happens when you fall in love with evil things?


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Awesome! Try to get more votes!



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