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KIDS! To Say... Or NOT to Say!

Kids! To Say Or Not To Say! The End!!! By: RebeccaJeanine71 They say that being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs in the worldbut, did they mention the loads of laundry, filthy dishes, ALL the disgusting soggy diapers... to the oodles of soiled sheets, and mattresses? Did they forget to mention the hair pulling, nail biting, NON-make-up wearing, pajama dancing FUN it would be?! Well, what about the endless nights of mind boggling, ear deafening scream, boiling hot foreheads, swelling gums, noses that seem to have leaks in them, mountains of irritating rashes, and the projectile demonist vomiting?! The list goes on. So, wheres the reward in this job? Could it be the overtime pay? Maybe its the vacation time, and sick days? Oh, I know the commission and raises it brings in?! Oh wait, better yet maybe its the bonuses!! You see, no one specifies the fact that this is a NON-paid, NON-union, NON-benefited, NO vacation type of job! There is one consequence that frequently, if not always, develops from within this type of career. Its called a emotionone which can NOT go unseen. This feeling is called L-O-V-E! Its a life-changing, mind-bending, belly-flopping, undying sort of LOVE! Its the form of love that keeps a person from giving up, especially during the roughest of times. Its an un-discriminative, un-replaced, un-repulsive, un-controllable type of love a love which will in no way fade away. Have you ever heard the term Kids will say the darndest things? It plays true to its meaning. Believe you me, if youre a parent, you know what Im talking about! I do believe Bill Cosby had a show on this topic alone. a very funny one, at that! Well, I have a rewarding moment of my own to tell you about. Such a moment, that to this day when Im in a grocery store not a corner goes un-turned where I dont somehow hear the echo of my youngest sons voice rolling down the aisles! Im sure each of you have had your own crazy traditions or ways of potty-training, am I right?! Being my second child yet first boy, I found myself at that point in my sons life where potty-training seemed to be a major necessity. Actually, he was quite a bit easier to teach than my first born, my daughter! In a few months, he was fully potty-trained, and as a bonus he had learned a new phrase! One huge part of teaching our children how to go #1, as well as #2 on the potty is to make SURE they know HOW to wipe! Well, what better to wipe with (other than the expensive baby wipes), than a nice soft roll of toilette papersome like Charmin, while others prefer the less expensive store brand, lol! At our homewe just called it all A** Wiping Paper! Well, little had I realized, my son was slowly but surely budding a hasty vocabulary! It all happened one day during a routine visit from my sister. I was in need of a few items, so we all piled into my car, and were off on the path to the local grocers. When we arrived, I chose a nice robust shopping cart, pulled out my list, as I began to head toward the many aisles. My sis stayed with me most of our journey through the store, but before long she realized she had a few things she needed to find for herself. As she headed in the opposite direction, I forgotten about the toilette paper. Being the generous mother I wasI decided to give my son a shot at being a big boy. I raised him up out of the seat, set him down, and told him to catch up with his Auntie. I then informed him to let her know we needed toilette paper. Sure enough, my little guy ran straight toward my sister, and before God and everyone, he blurted out (almost singing !) in the loudest, highest pitched boyish voice ever, Auntie!! Auntie!!!! Mommy needs some A** WIPING PAPER! I dont know WHOSE face turned red first, mine or my sisters but no sooner had those words escaped his lips, did we hear a trail of laughter surge throughout the WHOLE store! So, when you hear someone say that being a parent is the most magnificent and rewarding job in the world, agree with them but tell them that its the most embarrassing, and shocking as well! Dont ever forget, no matter what you teach your beautiful children kids WILL say the DARNDEST things!

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Ok...so, I saw this KEWL contest that a very kewl person on Taltopia here created...and, it sparked my interest!!! :) So...here I am a WHOLE day later, after staying up almost all night writing tee hee!!! I had to dig DEEP into this crazy brain of mine, to pull out my FONDEST memory of PARENTING :D!!!! I hope everyone enjoys...now...I need to go read the other entries so I can vote toooo :D!!!!


10/12/2009 9:30 AM
Great story, I am not a parent, but I can relate to this. Spending a lot of time with my niece and nephew, sometimes you never know what they will say next.



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Date: 10/5/09
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