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The Wind~


The Wind~ The wind,the wind .. is back once again.. & it is not my friend! My hair does not stay where I put it, no matter how hard I try to hide it. All my papers I try to hold... fly away in a furry.. oh good golly,I'm in a hurry!! Now I must chase everything down! This wind must die down! The wind,the wind... blows my umbrella inside out it hates me without a doubt! Next comes the rain crash down on me.. What a pain!! I need this all to stop! But what is it I see from far away But a bit of sun..maybe it will be yet a good day~ The wind starts to die down,& the clouds roll away..rain trickles to a drizzle.. next I see a rainbow... Oh how I do hate the wind but what a beautiful out come can follow..from a wet windy day~

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poem on a wet windy day~


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Date: 10/7/09
Other: Writing