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Being A Grandmother

145648.txt BEING A GRANDMOTHER The joys of being a parent, are very often weighed down by the constant stress of meeting deadlines, driving endless miles to taxi each child to a new destination, cooking on a budget, cleaning huge messes, mending boo-boos, making costumes, helping with homework, soothing hurt feelings, instilling good values, monitoring bad influences, and braking bad habits! A mother seldom gets the time to just sit down and enjoy her children. The truth is, she doesnt even know if she is doing a good job! She kind of has to make up her own rules as she goes. She figures that atthe end of the day, if all of her children are fed, not bleeding, and relatively healthy, that it has been a good day! I know this to be true, because I lived it! I raised 2 children! You dont get many thank yous from your kids, but you know they love you and need you. How can you tellbecause its you they come running to when they are hurt! It is you that they tell their secrets to, and it is you that knows them better then anyone else. You are the keeper of their security. It doesnt matter that your shoulder has been used as a tissueonly that it was there for them to cry on. They dont care that in your haste, you put on two shoes that dont even matchonly that you were there at their ballgame to see them score the big points! It doesnt even matter that you fixed them a cold cheese sandwich for lunchonly that you made sure their tummys were full! You worked hard at making their childhoods happy, and how do they repay youthey grow up! You wake up one day, and realize that they are leaving you! Out of all of the preparations youve made, you never even thought about this one. What do you do with yourself when they grow up and leave home? How do you fill all of the hours in the day that were once crammed full of chores and obligations? Who are you, once you are no longer neededas a mother? How in the world can they get along without you? It was just last year that they couldnt even find 2 socks that matched without your help. Now, you are supposed to just turn them loose on the world and hope they can make it? Could they survive without youand what if they CAN survive without you? Sure, you want them to be self-sufficient. You want them to grow up and become good adults, capable of making good choicesbut you realize that once they get to that point, youare no longer needed! You have to learn to keep your criticisms to yourself, because once they leave home they consider your criticism as interfering! You have to back away, and hope for the best! You have to find a way to fill up your day with something meaningful! Just when you think that you will never feel wanted or needed againyou get the news! You are about to become a Grandmother! It is hard to explain the joy that you feel when you find out that your baby is going to have a baby! It is no longer about you, because as mothers we are so focused on ourchildren that we forget that we even have feelings! All that you can think about is the baby! Now, all of a sudden your whole life takes on new meaning! You dont have to worry about making sure they learn the rules of life. Heckyou dont evenhave to follow the rules anymore! You can spoil them rotten, play with them, buy them things, feed them sugar, collect your hugs, and send them home!!! This is purejoy!!! Instead of being the constant bad guy and making them mind, you can now be the good guy! You dont have to tell them to clean their rooms or eat their veggies, or even that they should try to be nice to that mean little girl down the road! That is NOT your job! Your job is to make sure that they have fun at your house! Everyone loves to go to Grandmas! Life is good again! You make cookies instead of making them eat broccoliyou can build tents out of blankets, instead of telling them to make their bedsyou can let them stay up and watch a silly movie, instead of making sure they are bathed and in bed early! Now you know the truthallof the hard work you ever did was all worth it! You would do it all again for the chance to have that precious grandchild of yours, hug you and sayGrandma, I love you! Life is good!Page 1

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What it means to be a "Grandmother"!


5/13/2010 5:33 PM
I can so realte to this tale! You've done a fine job of describing the wonders and woes of being a Mom and the gift of being a Grandmother!!

10/11/2009 12:47 PM
Very nice

10/10/2009 4:02 AM
So true, being a Grandparent is a very special thing - great writing, may God bless!



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