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Mercy Is For the Mortal


III Mercy Is For the Mortal I drink from a far bitterer cup than that of the humans. Weak and blessedly mortal, allowed to escape the flexible confines of their consciousness. They sleep and they love and they plead for immortality. For power, for riches, for what they call their hearts greatest longing. But they do not probe the shadows, the dark recesses of their souls. Propriety, keeper of lies, secrets and fear, bids them hold their tongue. Minds, cinched by their morals, the corsets that force out unwanted breath and masks the undesirable, it filters out the black truths and locks them away, struggling to run and swear to never turn from the light again. Oh but how swiftly they fly in the night, dreams inflamed with passion, forbidden desires. They crave these midnight escapes, lustful adventures that have been suppressed for so long, and once in a while, the naked glory of these cravings brands their memory and they will never forget. No. They will not forget because I cannot forget. I cannot feel the burn of flesh 'neath my palm nor the scarlet flush scald the skin from shame of lips swollen from kissing. My own soul, wreathed in bitterness and run through with envy, feels only passions, emotions, small wisps of smoke, but never do the flames lick my feet and burn and blister them. No satisfying touch of comfort. I am the shrieking infants wail with no mother to cling to and no lullaby for soothing. I am the tender ache of loss with no slumbering dream nor fairytale to drown in. I am the scalding hate with no hope of embrace or forgiveness. I am the suffocating loneliness, times eternal companion, with no lover to ease my pain. The remembrance of my fall so fresh it bleeds and aches still. I am the lie you murmur before you sleep, the lie not even you believe.

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Part III of my seven part poem about Lucifer's war with God.

This is the agony of a fallen Angel. This Angel is unrepentant of her rebellion and has been condemned to the worst fate in Hell by God.


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