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Cue the Finale


VI Cue the Finale There will be blood. They swear it, slicing their palms with an old blade. The silver gleams and reflects in our eyes. We shape our mouths into cruel smiles, knowing they will all die. We will not win, we have learned this from our fall. But they know not and I almost wish to warn them but I do not. Why shouldnt He suffer as we have suffered these long years? He will lose more sons, more daughters and He will weep as He wept before. Fat tears will make the earth slick, mingling with the blood of His angels and He will know how fearsome we can be, how deep our wounds run, how merciless and spiteful we truly are. The earth gives a sudden tremble, the deafening silence troubles our enemies, we taste their anxiety, their apprehension and their hopes that we will surrender and that they may save the lost souls. A bark of laughter rips from my throat, attracting his glare. His eyes, hardened rubies, understand my disruption and mild approval mingles with deep disdain. I quiet and listen to the tremors of our armys hearts. It is a stuttering symphony, fear is the director with no tempo and every reason in the world to turn and flee. But they are lost souls, damned by Him to an eternity of regret. I smile coldly, enjoying the irony and cruelty of His justice.

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Part VI of my seven part poem about Lucifer's war with God.

The Rebel Angels prepare their army of souls, those who are dead and already damned to Hell and those who are living but have joined forces with these dark Angels. An Angel prepares for the Great and Final War with Heaven’s Host of Angels.


3/5/2010 7:19 PM Premium
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