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Mirror Image

Mirror ImageBy Kachina ForlandLooking at the mirror Things look so much clearerWhy did it take so longTo wake up and see things were wrongNot a scar or a scratch on the skin there liesThe damage is all mental you can see it in the eyesThinking back I remember but still cant believe Why does it take so long to decide to leaveTell me it is not too late to changeThat happiness is not out of rangeDear god I hope not This cycle has to stopThe mirror tells the truth though, that I cant denyNow it makes sense, all the prying eyesBut it is hard to believe when you can not see It is so easy to say, you are wrong, thats not meLooking through the glass I see her souls slow slaughterPlease Lord helps me tell her, the mirror is my daughter

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The cycle of abuse.


1/1/2010 6:23 PM Premium
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Date: 10/16/09
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