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Sha Desparia 08 (complete)

Gothic, Halloween, Dark, Goth, Prison

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In this 3D Studio Max set of renderings I created a dark gothic torture chamber and prison facility. I took a few image views from the 3 connected rooms. One room is a dark dank prison cell. The middle room is a hallway and the large room is a torture chamber with a few objects in it that reflect the rooms purpose. I also experimented for my first time with cloth material and created some drapery banners with my company logo on them. I used lighting effects to cast lots of dark shadows to give a somber effect as the name of the place reflects "Sha Desparia" "Place of Despair". I used Editable Poly's, Mesh Smooth, Lattice, Loft, and other modifiers in this rendering. Further I created a number of custom shapes using Primitive's, Extended, Splines, Compound, ATC Extended as well.




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Votes: 17
Views: 1,311
Date: 10/17/09
Art: Graphic Design