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I Am Blessed

I AM BLESSEDLooking down at youStaring in your eyesKnowing just how blessed that we areHow much our lives have changedRemembering those daysGod knows you made us who we areWho would of guessed? Who would of known? One could be so richWithout money in the homePriceless is each moment that we share with youGolden is each memory Now old but yet so newBecause youre growing And changing so fast nowIts a challenge keep up with you However you allow Who would of guessed?Who would of known?The love you feel for your childCould never be clonedGod knows I have loved beforeHave never stopped its trueMy mother, father, other family and friendsMy love for them will never bendYet it does not compareWith what I feel for youYour father is my soul mateBut that love has no clueWho would of guessed?Who would of known?Your mom and dad helped create youThat love stands aloneHelped create, I must say againFor we played a minor role In the life you are breathing inYou are a gift from GodA miracle from HeavenHe has blessed us with one angelAnd may have plans for a secondKachina Forland

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The love for your child


12/31/2009 10:55 AM Premium
Awesome work! You should try bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame.



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Date: 10/22/09
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