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Sun Bams Shining Through the Barbeque Smoke!!!

Sun Beam, Smoke, Barbeque

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My Fiance, Victor and I were at a Birthday barbeque for him and one of his best friends...of course I brought my CAMERA!!! Anyway...I was almost out of ideas for photographs, when he pointed out the sun shining through the barbeque smoke!!!! It was truly BEAUTIFUL!!!! So, I went and took the first shot...and handed the camera over to him and asked him to take some more :D...since he DID think of it!!! Tee hee...Enjoy!!! :)


10/26/2009 12:47 AM
OOPS... well folks...I realized AFTER I added this photo...that I did a boo boo lol!!! Obviously Sun BAMS was supposed to be Sun BEAMS lol!!! Well...I'm going to go ahead and leave it...I LIKE it...a UNIQUE new word for BEAM :D tee hee!!



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Date: 10/25/09
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