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A Modern Christmas

A Modern Christmas by Richard Cassidy through all of life's lifeiness through every single storm through each smile and laugh long ago, down a seldom used path long ago, and even now, seekers found it easier to do than to be long ago, and yet to come, a name was trumpeted whose reverberations are still shaking mountains low still waking the dead your soul, let's encourage our souls my soul, let us journey on their souls, we are far from home as the dawn pierces the dark; we remember we remember our former lives and loves and loss and can't imagine how we got caught up in such things; and understand how others still cling and grope about unable to see, unable to hear. and yet deep inside, i see/feel their longing, their searching, their hunger when our names were spoke when the lullaby ceased when our eyes and ears were opened maybe, just maybe, like Mary to Elizabeth with such a gift inside their pregnant desires will leap and grown as the gift living in us greets their hunger

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Poem inspired by Christmas for the City 2008


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