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In Bethlehem, a Star The Twinkle in God's Eye by Richard Cassidy From the ends of the earth, we come filled with hope and great expectation. All our lives we've searched; not only with our soul and spirit, but also with our minds and talents. Then, over in the west, a star, a great light broke through all the noise and darkness. It called, as it still does, gently coaxing us from our comfortable lives to solidify our seeking; to see and hear the heartfelt tune our souls had been singing. We were to be looking for that song, that wondrous ditty, full of truth and love. And we journeyed on, through the sandstorms and heat; our bodies thirsting, hungering, like our souls have been all along. We paid no attention to the mirages, those false hopes, and dreams, along the way. We drove on, not only for loved ones and ourselves nor for all who came before us and brought this path near. No, more importantly, we march on for all those who do not see, and those whose hatred has blinded their hearts and minds. Our journey is temporal, our footsteps shift with the flowing sand; no one came with us, no one can join us on the way. Don't follow us, we are, but seekers like you. We invite you to start your journey where we leave off. We only bring metal and spices; yet you bring the gift of yourself, the most precious gift, and lay it at the King's feet. Our journey is over; we have seen the King. Your journey and adventure is just beginning. Where will it take you now that you too seek the King? And the story continues . . . .

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Inspired by Christmas for the City 08


2/24/2010 2:39 PM Premium
I just came across your media. Link your friends and fans to this page to get more Fame votes!

10/29/2009 10:15 PM
Fantastic! You have a great way of expressing yourself!



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