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Spiral Staircase 06 (complete)

Staircase, Spiral, Interior, Spooky, Halloween

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In this 3D Studio Max rendering which was my most complicated creation yet I created an interior of the previously posted mansion. The interior houses a large spiral staircase with a great deal of detail. I created columns and alternating banister posts and candle posts all the way up its perimeter. The interior also has a second floor walk area that runs the interior of the mansion. There are nearly seven thousand different components to this rendering. There are also 64 light sources, shadow parameters etc. Modifiers used were Mesh Smooth, Turbo Smooth, Lattice, Melt. I used Standard, Architectural, Ray-Trace & Fall-Off modifier types. In the lighting effects Volume Light, Fog, Glow with specific values. Noise and wind direction were added to the fog to give the mansion interior a gloomy haunted effect. The casting of shadows and illumination were also designed to add to the haunted vacant feel of the interior.




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Date: 10/27/09
Art: Graphic Design