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Spooky Photo Contest The Witch Who Lost her Hat!!!

Halloween, Spooky, Ghost, Witch, Witches Hat

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Here it is...it's HALLOWEEN!!!! :D WOO HOO!!! When I saw that Taltopia was having a "Scary Photo" contest for it's Premium Members...I thought to myself...'Hmmm....what can I take a picture of that would be considered 'scary'??!!! Ok...ok...so my photo skills are SCARY enough as is ROF...but, seriously...WHAT??!!! Halloween is...and always HAS been my most FAVORITE "paganistic" holiday ever :D...besides the fact that I was born the day AFTER Halloween...I've ALWAYS LOVED putting those fake scars all over my skin...and not to mention the face paint...OH MY...what FUN it was to pile that paint ALL OVER my face, whether I was trying to be a clown, or count dracula's bride!!!!
THEN...after much thinking on the subject...I REMEMBERED!!! About a month ago...right after I was able to buy myself a REAL digital camera...I was doing something I had ALWAYS wanted to do...I was STAKING out the MOON in hopes of capturing the BEST moon shot I could dream of shooting!!! There I was...sitting in a lawn chair, dressed in pajamas and robe, back pack w/ snacks..a stun gun (well...you can NEVER be to safe at that time of the night!!!!)...my cigerattes, a big cup of hot coffee, and my little itty bitty tripod!!!
I had already shot about 10 pix of the moon...and was about to snap another shot...when...right as I clicked the button....and the 2 second timer was clicking...and about to go off....UP jumps Electra (one of my 8 cats!)...up on TOP of our car....like lightning..JUST as the picture was shot!!!! I sorta laughed it off...and giggled at Electra...telling him, "Yeah...lil' one...always want to be the center of it all!!!"...but, LITTLE did I KNOW...he WAS the center of THAT shot!!!! As you can see the outcome in the photo....he was QUITE the little ghost/entity!!!
And as you can also see...I took my time fixn' it up for this contest...I read the rules...HOPING I wouldn't be messing up by painting a few extras over my photo :(.,...I suppose we shall see :)!!!
I hope you guys enjoy :D!!!!


BOO!!! :D


10/30/2009 10:44 PM
LMAO Janese....a stray COW or HORSE?!!! ROF...THAT I GOTTA see!!! Thanx for the kewl and sweet comments on this one both of yas...this is one of my pieces I'm the most proud of :D!!!

10/29/2009 8:51 PM
I love it...and I can just see you in your jammies trying to get that perfect shot! lol! I've done the same thing, but didn't have a stun gun! (of course in my neighborhood, the only thing that would attack me is a stray cow or horse) lol!

10/29/2009 4:11 PM
Extreme coolness : )



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Date: 10/28/09
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