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Pigeon atop a Street Lamp!!!

Nature, Birds, Pigeon, Street Lamp

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I've been wanting to get some shots of a bird/birds for some time now (since I bought this camera)...as I was shooting some shots of the American Flag (at Taco Bell lol)...I just happened to see this gorgious Pigeon out of corner of my eye atop this street lamp, fast asleep...I just HAD to sneak a shot or two of m....how sweet :D!!!
You know...one thing I thought was so kewl about this loner, was the fact that not even 100 yards or so away from this lil' guy, was a HUGE swarm of Pigeons, hanging out together on a telephone wire!!!! Pretty swell...huh?!!! :D




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Date: 11/1/09
Photography: Nature