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Sower And The Seed ( fz )

Stephen J. Vattimo, Surealworld, paintings, art, illustrations

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medium acrylic

Size 3 ft. x 4 ft.

year 1997

this painting illustrates The Parable The Sower And The Seed, A teaching of Jesus' , recorded in the book of Matthew, chapter 13. The 4 heart in the sky represent 4 different responses of those who hear the Gospel message.
Heart on the lower left , represent those who have heard The gospel but reject it. The devil then comes and takes it away from their hearts, this is illustrated by the crows flying away with the seed, that had fell on the road side.
The second heart on the upper left side of the sky, represent those receive the gospel message with joy, but doesn't take root in their faith, and their faith is temporal, falling away when trials or affliction come their way because of the gospel. This is illustrated by the grape vine that wither away in the heat of day, do to the lack of have a deep root system .
The heart that is on the upper right corner of the sky represents those who received the gospel, and believe, but the worry of the world, and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word, and it becomes unfruitful. this is illustrated by the grape vine being choked out by a purple flower baring Morning Glory Vine. These vine produce pretty flowers by they are a organic farmers enemy, because they will choke out his crops. I learn this first hand in organic farming when i was a missionary for a couple of summers.
The heart in the lower right corner of the sky, represents those who hear, believe, are committed to living for the gospel, produce much fruit. This is illustrated by the heart with the health, strong, fruit baring grape vine. The tiled field represents the world that God has prepared to receive the Gospel message. The sower are all christian that are commanded to go into the world and proclaim the gospel message. The seed being thrown by the sower represents the gospel message going out to the world.
The seed bang has written on it, " The Word Seed Co. On it.

written by Stephen J. Vattimo


3/18/2010 11:50 AM Premium
We appreciate you uploading this to Taltopia. We hope to see some more media from you!



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Date: 11/3/09
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