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Salvation In A Storm ( fz )

Stephen J. Vattimo, Surealworld, art, acrylic on canvas, illustration

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2' X 4' canvas medium acrylic Painted 1996
This painting illustrates a man who finds safety from drowning in a stormy sea by climbing on to the platform in shape of a cross. the storm it's self represents the trail we face in life. the ship wrecked person show that we have nothing we can approach God with, that would sway Him to help us when we call on Him for help. Only out grace and mercy does He rescue us. The platform in the shape of the cross represent that God has provided a way for man to escape punishment for his which would be casting them into the lake of fire once they die . Through God's love and mercy He punished Jesus for man's sin , guiltless Son of God being punished so that the guilty of sin human race may be save through faith . The step represent man's need to come to God humbly through Jesus to receive anything from God. The light breaking through the clouds represents God hearing the man's prayer and answering it.


3/23/2010 9:03 AM Premium
Good work! Be sure to upload some more content.



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Date: 11/4/09
Art: Painting