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Genetics Lab 03

Laboratory, Lab, Experiment, Blood, Bloody

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In this 3D Studio Max project I created a Genetics Laboratory for Dynamis I.N.C. The scene is set in the aftermath of some horribly violent occurrence. To achieve this carnal bloody rendering I used Standard and Extended Primitives. Many of these were converted into Editable Polygons and further modified using different settings and techniques. All of the banners, signs, labels, and computer screens were created using various Adobe Programs and also the Adobe Deep Paint plug in. I custom created every item in the room from scratch using different methods. Modifiers such as Mesh Smooth, Turbo Smooth, Bend, Twist, etc were added afterwards. Many Different Material Editor techniques were also used. Architectural, Fall Off, Multi Sub Object, Indirect Illumination, Transparency, Shininess, Reflection, Refraction, Luminosity, etc. I edited just about every parameter to get the effects of the final materials that I wanted on the final renderings. Direct Spot Light with specified parameters and Shadow effects were added last. I used the Multi Sub Object to give the ground puddles a ghostlike radioactive glow in areas where the floor had sunk in. Custom textures added blood, soot, and a grimy look to the flooring, walls. All of the objects and the scene as a whole were custom made.




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Date: 11/10/09
Art: Graphic Design