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Waterfall of Tears


Waterfall of Tears by Anthony Johnson Tears fall like raindrops upon parched ground; puddles form around my feet. Torrents of water flood around me, sweeping me away. Salty remnants of pain choke me as I gasp for breath, barely treading water. A sound reaches my ears; its a rumbling thunder! I glance behind me, I see nothing but the sound persists. Moments seem like hours; minutes like years. The noise grows closer and my heart beats faster. I turn once again; my eyes widen and my heart skips a beat. It is a waterfall! I try to swim away; legs floundering but I continue to move down stream. Panic strikes and I freeze with fear, I will die if I hit bottom. Instincts kick in; the will to survive drives me. Muscles loosen and my heart calms and my mind focuses on the riverbank. I swim with the current of torrential flood towards the bank, the waterfall growing ever closer. I near the bank concerned that I will not make it. As I am about to give up hope, I reach one last time for something to hold; hand grasping a branch. Pulling myself up with all of my might, I inch out of the river of tears, eventually crawling onto land; muddy, wet and sore but safe. Panting for breath, I stand and look back at the waterfall of tears. Dumbfounded and confused, there is only a puddle of water on the ground. Breathing a sigh of relief, I turn and walk away.

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I wrote this when I was dealing with cancer, MRSA and side effects to medications and was losing hope.


12/27/2009 8:07 AM Premium
I just came across your media. Great Work! Have you considered bidding for a spot on the Wall of Fame?



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Date: 11/10/09
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