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Penny Patricia Robinson rocket page

rocket, racing, video, game, comic

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From my rocket racing comic, Rocket-X.

Rocket number: 32-Z
Song: Sugar Smash (on here somewhere... though it's not the best... working on a newer one)

This is Penny Patricia Robinson, and her 32-Z rocket! :D The absolutely perfect song right here.... I'd says about 98 or 99% of the song is what goes on in Penny's head... in addition to her feelings toward Zack Lectic, the main character! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTwoT1s4sBI

Now, to Penny! She is one of the quieter, calmer, sweeter racers of the rocket racing league, who also develops a "crush" on Zack Lectic, the newest racer with Dex Wheezem. The song would look good on the Rocket-X movie... if it ever became a movie... which I'm shooting for the dream. :)

Penny is the first of all the rocket racers to become friends with Zack and Dexter. She usually places in about 6th to 8th place in the races. She's not great, but not bad either. :) I personally think she's a cute character, and this crush on Zack is one of the cutest one's I've made in comics. :P Check out her rocket!

Her rocket was built by her scientist mom. Unlike the other rockets in the league, her rocket doesn't use boosters. It uses a technology also invented by her mom. It uses a force that pushes against gravity, which allows her rocket to scoot or hover across the air. Check out the shape too! Looks like it could cut through the air like a knife. :)

Yet again, I say, Penny has a secret crush on Zack, and keeps it secret through the time he dates Alexis Crush. But once they break up, Penny has a chance and refuses to let it pass her up again. :)

Yea, this is Zack's future wife, but it's good to know the story behind the two before then. :)

Age: 18
Usual Position: 6th - 8th out of 10
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Sex: Female
Personality: She's very sweet, cute, and caring! She has a really BIG heart! She is very shy and rarely talks to strangers.




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Votes: 9
Views: 1,251
Date: 11/12/09
Art: Drawing