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U.S. Strategy (Planet Rune music)

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This is a song I wrote for a comic created by me and a good friend of mine when we were little. His name was Nathaniel Smith, and I miss him. :P

Look up the theme song... or pictures of The Planet Rune I have on here if you want to know more about the comic... it's a cool comic idea, I think. Basically, it was inspired by a cool computer game called Dune 2000... which is a war game on another planet of sand.

I don't know how good the strategy is of the american army, and most people might argue that it isn't good according to what America has been doing with the war in Iraq... but in my comic, what differs the American army from the other 3 armies is how good their strategy is... or planning of attack and things.

Ok, here's what I imagined during the song... a goal of mine is to write a score to a soundtrack for a movie... and this one is meant to sound like one. At the beginning, this is the captain and commanders and other officers discussing a way to attack the sisian army (or whatever enemy army you wish). :) They plan to maybe distract the front of the base, and while all the enemy units are in the front of the enemy base defending, another squad of U.S. units will attack from behind... well, whatever you want to have happen... I'm bad at making up strategies for a comic. :P

At about 0:46, the American units put the strategy to use as they head off away from their base to the enemy base. It's a somewhat long ride or walk there. They travel through the sand and sand hills. Imagine what you wish here. :) I just realized this section is a bit longer JUST to be moving to the enemy base. So, let me add more... they get attacked by a 3rd enemy (let's say these are the Han-Burgians) who will try to stop them from reaching the Sisian base. After a somewhat long battle, America still seems to win with many units still in good shape for the attack of Sisia.

Now, at 2:06, the american units have reach the grounds of the Sisian base. They see the base in sight, but the Sisians aren't aware that the American army is ready to attack. They discuss what they're going to do and things. They get their guns more loaded and ready. Whatever you can think of. :P

3:12, the Americans run toward the base at full speed!!!! Here they come!

At 3:25 with the punk rock type drum beat, the Sisians see the American army running towards them, so they get their units ready to fire back and defend their base. It's a vicious fight, but a U.S. backup squad arrives with Ben and Nathaniel and attack the base from behind, catching the Sisians off guard.

4:40 - Finally after a lot of fighting and shooting, the Americans win. They look around and see a great victory for them (this section reminds me of winning a mario kart game or something)! :P More territory gained for the U.S, and a great reputation that tells other armies, "We are a strong army!"

Then at 5:28 with much respect for the USA and what it means to be an American, the soldiers solute a great victory. Yes, this is my arrangement of The Star Spangled Banner. If you're a soldier of America and wish to solute, that would be cool. :P

Dumb story, but cool music I guess. :P I love the Star Spangled Banner arrangement at the end of this. It ends dark because they know that this battle isn't the end of what's to come in the war. They are still a long way from victory of the whole war.

And yea, Ben and Nathaniel are the best units of America, which is me and my friend, Nathaniel Smith. No, we're not really the best units of America, we were young and liked seeing us cool in comics. :P

Hope you had a good adventure through my mind. :P Ha!


3/3/2010 10:54 AM Premium
Awesome! We hope to see some more media from you!



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