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Rocket-X buddies :)

rocket, racing, video, game, comic

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Rocket-X, a comic I created back in 2006 sometime. Who says comics have to be about super heroes? This one is about rocket racing, a new sport invented around 2040... which is the future so far. :)

These guys are the 3 friends you will follow the most in the comic, Rocket-X. Zack Lectic (center) and Dexter Wheezem (left) were friends since 1st grade... so they know each other well. :) Penny one the other hand just made friends with Zack and Dex once they joined the rocket racing league. Zack and Dex join the league at age 20, which is cool because when I created this comic, I created them way older than me... now I'm almost older then them. :P Wow, time flies, but I won't lose hope that this comic could become a real live comic someday, or maybe a video game (it would make a really good one I think), or possibly a movie!! idk. I would like to see this as a video game some day. :)

By the way, the girl on the right, Penny, has a secret attraction to Zack (center). Kind of neat. :)

My coloring has improved quiet a bit! :D


3/23/2010 8:07 AM Premium
Nice work! I look forward to seeing some more of your work.



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Date: 11/12/09
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