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No Need To Miss Me - Brittany Smith


151870.txt(Beginning Chorus)I'm not "gone"Don't cry for me.I'll always be hereIn times of need.(1st Verse)Sometimes I sit hereWhere I've been banishedAnd think of youAnd how I "vanished"Does it hurt now?Does it still burn?I'm sorry that I hurt youThat you didn't get to learn.(Chorus)That I'm not "gone"Don't cry for meI'll always be hereIn times of need.And when you feelLike breaking downI'll comfort youWithout a soundAnd so, you seeThere's no needTo miss me.Page 1

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I had an audio file of me singing it, but unfortunately it's been lost. I might be able to find it eventually though.


12/25/2009 8:07 AM Premium
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Date: 11/14/09
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