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Greek/Asian Fusion

Greek, Asian, Food, Stir-Fry, Yummy

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Ok Janese, I SAID I didn't cook home-made...but, one of my Fiance's best friends does!!! LoL...every TIME I go visit him, I get to taste a DIFFERENT one of her wonderful dishes!!! THIS one was just delightful!!! It was peppery, yet had a hint of tanginess...YUM YUM!!! And, for those of you who don't have a particular taste for Zukini...believe you ME, if she was to cook it for you, you would most DEFINETELY change your mind!!!! :D
BTW: a 13/14 yr. old boy actually 'helped' her cook this one :)!!!

Enjoy! It's delicious!! (Oh...WAIT..I forgot, the guys finished it off, sorry..NO left overs at ALL!!! Oh...and my Fiance's Room mate says he is NOT sharing her!!! LoL :D


11/25/2009 8:56 AM
This looks great

11/16/2009 2:13 PM
Now I am hungry, must eat, even if its Zukini free. Haha, good one.



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Date: 11/15/09
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