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Friends with Yourself (TDB)

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This is a song I wrote for my cartoon band, The Doovie Brothers... again, I say, the vocals are all me, only I act as 2 different singers as well as 7 band members. :) I'm a dork. www.myspace.com/thedooviebros

This is a song I wrote for someone who wants to kill themselves because they think their life has no meaning. Possibly for someone who regrets their past... which is why the bridge was written. :) I believe the reason most people want to kill themselves is because they hate who they are. They hate their genetics, their hair, their looks, their body, their weight, their nose, their parents, their whatever else! Sometimes, they just need to sit down with themselve and really get to know the good side better. They may find that themselves in the best friend they can ever have... I talk to myself all the time, and I listen to what I say. :P Ha, I'm a nut. :P

And yea, because this is a Doovie Brothers song, there are a few places where Doov (BGV's and lead in chorus) lets a tute... or farts... or has gas. They;re not super explosions of farts or anything. :P


Verse 1
There is a feeling of anger inside
That makes you want to do a suicide!
It eats you up from the inside out.
And it infects you with the thoughts and doubts!

But I say, “Hold on!
There’s something more to your life!
These feelings of doubt come from the inside out!
Just keep holding on!”

Chorus 1
You’re beautiful in your own way!
The life you live has something to say!
So don’t get angry at yourself everyday!
Just become friends with yourself!

Verse 2
There is a girl who goes to school everyday
With pressure rising every step of the way!
She’s failing school and her new boyfriend broke up,
So now she’s thinking about giving up.

Chorus 2
You’re beautiful in your own way!
The life you live has something to say!
So don’t get angry when you can’t have a good day!
Just become friends with yourself!

We’re all the same,
But our differences unite us in every way!
Our past can’t change,
But we can use our present to change our future today!

Copyright © 2009 by Ben Mullins




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Date: 11/16/09
Music: Rock