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Thinking in Poetry

Thinking in Poetry My mind is racing The madness wont stop Like a fast running train Heading for a cliff The fountain of youth is nowhere To be found, But the sting of the past keeps me tightly wound I cant make it stop Peace is nowhere to be found And like a storm moving towards the shore A lost animal in the wild I keep screaming like a child To the world that I ignore The frosted veins of my heart Are leading me, quickly to the edge Where the mountain tops Cascade over a sea of pain and forgotten dreams The sky is dark and the clouds Hover over me like the dead Forest around the timber line I look around at the people Who pass me by, like the lost souls Of hell scathing the grounds, in the darkness of night I can hear them calling And my nightmares Reveal the lies and the filth That lives within their eyes The glimmering of sunshine is hidden From the earth As I wonder aimlessly through a life That I dont understand The pathway I walk in shadows as The world wraps me in the selfish Grasp of those who have seized my soul I ask to be freed from the bondage of my mind Like a prisoner locked away, I struggle to See the light behind the door I ask my God if it will ever end Will it ever end? Like the scarred hope of a child, now huddled in a corner Praying for peace, begging for light Just a seed is leftbarely a seed But I cant give up without a fight, so I keep holding on tight Im still waitingfor one day, I will dance on the wind

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