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countdown from 7 live

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this song is about what would or does happen when some guys are given the get married or break up choice. this lost love song is different than most of my other lost love songs this one plays it as my fault. the whole countdown from seven is that there have been six crucial girls in my life of a love interest variety. i got the idea from a show called high fidelity he does a countdown of his 5 and i had 6 so the 7th in theory is the one id end up with. i used the title countdown from seven for my self produced cd 2008 but the title has all kind of meanings but for this particular song its the girls/ladies. i remember writing it while my car was getting inspected for my 09 sticker and it was the day after new years and it made me think 7th person would be someone to countdown last seven seconds of new years with so it has a lot of connotations. i like it not the best performance but still good song i was wearing a suit not cause the song warranted it but cause i have to wear one for work and was bored before leaving for work.


6/1/2010 12:47 AM
I envy you. This song is perfect in not only lyrics, and music, but in meaning, and story. Although my song would be Countdown from 12, yeah I'm a hopeless romantic.

11/21/2009 11:50 AM
You are very talented



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Date: 11/21/09
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