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Jan 20, 2004

I came out of hiding...
He was laughter and joy, secret anticipation...
'Come in and bless the dawns of day', I said,
helplessly drawn into the faith of fate
Watching the scene from a distance,
lucid fly on the wall of time,
the sixth sphere was breathing still wisdom
in the silence of my third eye...

He stepped in smiling...
I reached to close doors behind him,
then gravity pulled me into the blissful beam -
streams of love crushed the space between us,
sizzling the air with electrified callings...

I dived into him...
trusting the un-eased thirst of my soul -
the years haunted by this untamed passion,
visions un-withered by my quiet tears
Sisyphean struggles curved the mountain's peak
back into Tantalic pools,
and, thoughtlessly,
I reached for him reaching for me...

He was evaporating into soft welcomes
inhaling the deeper Us -
his arm French kissing the curve of my waist,
sealing our enamored lips...
How mystic the surreal fusion,
rapturous heaven
melting our souls into waterfalls

'I did not know... how to not love you', I whispered,
embraced in the truth of One...
'I did not know... how to not lose you', he sighed,
pure in the seraphic touch...

He had come out of hiding,
aligning our fate with faith...
Silence was breathing still wisdom,
feeling the kiss from a distance,
blithe fly on the wall of time...



1/23/2011 12:27 PM
Your poetry is amazing. I can feel the emotion and intensity you are feeling in this poem. You are truely an amazing poet.

12/20/2009 9:59 AM Premium
Awesome Stuff! We hope to see some more media from you!



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